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An update on my comic book.

Hero’s Journey Genesys was an (over)ambitious attempt at creating my own comic book IP that would spill over into a variety of media (it started life as a video game when I was learning to code back in 2019). It established the character of Skye Warden as the hero, his sister Scout, his canine friend Sirius and his enemy Canker as well as a host of others.

To date Skye Warden turned into a video game and three 30-odd page comics, the first two of which you can read online.

The third book is finished as well as a longer, fourth story in draft form which is good enough to put out as a printed book some day.

Book 3 will appear in some form as well as a collected “Skye Warden Origins” manga-size book (as I drew it with that in mind!). However I can’t afford to give away my work for free, so if you want to see Skye Warden continued and you’re a publisher or if you want to buy a book feel free to drop into my DMs on twitter or tweet and let me know. **UPDATE: I will give it away for free anyway, because I love you all.**

You can donate here if you like the comic book.



Don’t forget to tweet me, follow me and poke me etc. I have a Youtube channel which is mainly about fish.

You can play the Skye Warden videogame here and also listen to the soundtrack by Zen Machines.

You could visit my main blog* where I write stories and some other type stuff…

*Talesfromtheallnightcafe dot com until they turn the internet off

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